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Follow These Steps:

RBT® 40-Hour Training Packet Requirements

RBT® 40-Hour | Task List (2nd ed.)

1. 40-hour course


(Ask for the special)

  • ​2 face-to-face days ONLINE (9:30am - 2:30pm) We have classes LIVE and ONLINE

  • 15 days of use of the ONLINE Component - Access to the material to study.

3. Student
Outstanding Payments

  • Payment of Membership to the Board $50.00

  • Select the appointment to the place and date (Cost of the exam $45.00 )

  • Board Exam Reviews (We recommend 2 modules) $35 each

  • In-Services Package (Licenses required to work as an RBT) $150.00

  • Preparation to seek employment as RBT (Free)  We do not guarantee employment, we only prepare!

  • AHCA Fingerprints $85 - We recommend Fingerprint Mendez - 305.986.8368 (Ernesto Mendez)

2. Assessment and Supervision


(Ask for the special)

Required documents 

  • 40 Hour Certificate

  • Title ( Approved  and translated) Minimum  of 12th grade

  •  Police record 

  • Proof of AHCA Fingerprints - (We recommend Mendez Fingerprint )


At Power In Service we are here to guide you through your journey og getting your RBT® Certifictare!

- Patrick



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