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How to Get Started


Follow These Steps:

RBT® 40-Hour Training Packet Requirements

RBT® 40-Hour | Task List (2nd ed.)

1. 40-hour course


(Ask for the special)

  • ​2 face-to-face days ONLINE (9:30am - 2:30pm) We have classes LIVE and ONLINE

  • 15 days of use of the ONLINE Component - Access to the material to study.

2. BACB - Uploading Process


1. Create your BACB Account
2.  Fist Assessment with Analyst
3. Upload all required documents 
4. Once board approved you PAY $50.00 membership 
5. Board will send you link for Pearson Vue 
6. Set date and time for the board test



At Power In Service we are here to guide you through your journey on getting your RBT® Certificate!

- Patrick Wark


Have Any Questions?

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